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AGIGA Tech's AGIGARAM™ Non-Volatile RAM System Named to EDN Magazine's Hot 100 Products for 2009 | Cypress Semiconductor

AGIGA Tech's AGIGARAM™ Non-Volatile RAM System Named to EDN Magazine's Hot 100 Products for 2009

Last Updated: January 18, 2010

Editor Review Describes How High-Speed, High-Density Battery-Free System
Protects Against Memory Losses Caused by System Power Interruption

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 19, 2010 – EDN magazine has recognized the AGIGARAM™ non-volatile system from AGIGA Tech Inc., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY), as a 2009 Hot 100 Product. The AGIGARAM technology is the industry’s first high-speed, high-density non-volatile RAM system, delivering densities between 4 megabytes (32 megabits) and 2 gigabytes (16 gigabits) and peak transfer rates equivalent to DRAMs. EDN editors sort through thousands of new products and technologies introduced each year to identify items for the annual Hot 100 Products list. The EDN product review of the AGIGARAM system is available at

The AGIGARAM non-volatile system uses a battery free power sub-system, teamed with high-speed synchronous DRAM, NAND Flash, intelligent power management and a proprietary system controller. During normal operation the AGIGARAM functions exactly like a synchronous DRAM (SDRAM). When power is lost, however, it automatically saves the data to NAND Flash using the energy stored in the power subsystem. When power is restored, the data is transferred back into the SDRAM. This functionality can be used for power interruption/loss immunity, instant-on recovery, write caching and posting, data logging and journaling, and service and maintenance processing. More information on the AGIGARAM is available at

“Just as the AGIGARAM system has earned the attention of EDN’s editors, customers have recognized this technology as a superior solution for high-speed, high-density non-volatile RAM,” said Ron Sartore, CEO of AGIGA Tech. “Our flexible AGIGARAM families come in multiple form factors and host interfaces, offering the benefits of high-speed, non-volatile memory for a wide range of applications.”

AGIGARAM Products and Features
AGIGA Tech offers two distinct AGIGARAM product families; BALI and CAPRI.

BALI Product Features
Targeted at general purposes, embedded, and industrial applications:
• 4-MB to 64-MB densities
• High-speed 100 MHz SDRAM
• 200 MB/sec peak transfers
• I2C command/control bus
• 3.3V VCC for 4 MB to 32 MB, 5.0V VCC for 64 MB
• Package: 200-pin SO-DIMM or Mezzanine card
• 0-70 degrees C operating range
• 3 year, 5 year and 10 year operating life options
• Integrated battery-free power pack.

CAPRI Product Features
Targeted at higher end storage, industrial, networking, and communications applications:
• 256-MB, 512-MB, 1-GB and 2-GB densities
• 64/72-bit DDR2 SDRAM interface with high speeds of 533 MHz, 667 MHz and 800 MHz
• 6,400 MB/sec peak transfers
• I2C command/control bus
• Form factor: 244-pin mini-RDIMM, 240-pin RDIMM and custom form factors
• 0-60 degrees C operating range, with additional ranges available
• 5-year and 10-year operating life options
• Integrated battery-free power pack.

About AGIGA Tech
Headquartered in Poway, California with a product development and test center in Chengdu, China, AGIGA Tech was founded in February 2008 as a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ:CY). AGIGA Tech’s AGIGARAM products are the world’s first high-speed, high-density RAMs that do not need environmentally-unfriendly batteries. The company’s products are available worldwide through the Cypress sales force and its distributor partners. More information on the company is available at

About Cypress
Cypress delivers high-performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions that provide customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional system value. Cypress offerings include the flagship PSoC® programmable system-on-chip families and derivatives such as PowerPSoC® solutions for high-voltage and LED lighting applications, CapSense® touch sensing and TrueTouch™ solutions for touchscreens. Cypress is the world leader in USB controllers, including the high-performance West Bridge® solution that enhances connectivity and performance in multimedia handsets. Cypress is also a leader in high-performance memories and programmable timing devices. Cypress serves numerous markets including consumer, mobile handsets, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial and military. Cypress trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

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