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Functional Safety

Functional Safety

Cypress' functional safety technology is featured in the most essential automotive designs. These solutions need to operate safely, consistently, and always be prepared to minimize the effects of failures. We're solving your functional safety design problems with your well-being in mind.

Automotive Safety Program

Functional safety (FS) features are required in all automotive designs today. That's why we live by the ISO 26262 automotive standard. This standard ensures a closely watched automotive safety lifecycle and ensures product is kept to certain Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL). The diagram below shows an example of what an ISO 26262 development looks like.

A system is defined at the vehicle level and broken down into sub-systems with the system supplier for implementation as an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Please see the diagram below for an example of what an ISO 26262 system development looks like.

We're a key component supplier in the functional safety space. The relationships between the various suppliers in this industry are managed through the Development Interface Agreements (DIA) which ensures the safety standards are integrated from the beginning of the development process. At Cypress, we have a group of experts responsible for defining and maintaining these standards from the beginning to the end of a project lifespan. Our experts ensure that all our products fulfill the ISO 26262 safety standards. They review and analyze the product features and customer feedback to ensure we're always ahead of the curve with our technology.

Our technology also has the backing of a dedicated and independent FS review board confirming execution of deliverables that develop during the design process. The software QA department ensures compliance of any deliverables during the software development process.

The automotive firmware development process has been certified by TÜV SÜD in 2017 to ensure ISO 26262 compliance.


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