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PowerSnooze IoT SRAM | Cypress Semiconductor

PowerSnooze IoT SRAM

The SRAM’s manufactured on the state-of-the-art 65-nm technology are offered with a “Power Snooze” feature – that lets you operate at fast speeds of 10ns (100 MHz), while consuming < 2 uA / Mbit (typ.) of sleep current. By invoking this “deep sleep” feature of these SRAM’s, you can quickly transition from a high speed active state to a power saving sleep state. This feature makes these SRAM’s ideal for battery backed industrial applications and high performance IoT systems, where the emphasis is on completing the task quickly, and with minimal power consumption. This feature allows the full power of your MCU to be harnessed, since the SRAM is no longer the limitation to achieving your peak performance.


Part Number Product Status Density Access Time Packaging Temperature Range Datasheet
CY7S1041G For New Designs, Production 4 Mbit 10ns 48-ball BGA (6x8 mm, 5x5 ball)
44-pin SOJ, 44-pin TSOP-II
Industrial, -40C to +85C Datasheet
CY7S1049G For New Designs, Production 4 Mbit 10ns 36-pin SOJ Industrial, -40C to +85C
CY7S1061G For New Designs, Production 16 Mbit 10ns 48-ball BGA
48-pin TSOP-I
54-pin TSOP-II
Industrial, -40C to +85C

Application Notes

AN89371 - Power Saving With Cypress’s 65-nm Asynchronous PowerSnooze™ SRAM 



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