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Cypress Semiconductor

The Next Frontier in Extended Battery Life and Data Integrity for Portable Medical, Wearable and IoT Devices

Cypress is enabling the next generation of portable medical, wearable and IoT devices to extend their battery life and reliably capture mission-critical data, with the introduction of the industry’s lowest-power nonvolatile memory, Excelon LP.

Next-generation portable medical, wearable and IoT devices must continuously log an increasing amount of user and sensor data while using as little power as possible. This accumulated data enables portable medical and wearable devices to monitor the user’s health and fitness as well as predict impending health risks. In Industrial IoT nodes, the recorded data enables real-time corrective action in factories as well as preventive maintenance of machines. Excelon LP is ideally suited for these applications by offering multiple, power-saving modes, unlimited read/write cycle endurance and instant non-volatility on power loss. Excelon F-RAM is battle-tested in harsh environments, and extremely reliable.

With Cypress as your long-term partner, you can rest assured that your mission-critical data will be captured reliably and efficiently throughout the lifetime of your devices.

The Industry's Lowest Power Nonvolatile Memory

Learn how the Excelon LP F-RAM enables portable medical, wearable and IoT devices to extend their battery life and reliably capture mission-critical data.


Key Features

Ultra-Low-Power Operation

Offers hibernate, standby and deep power-down modes and Inrush current control feature to extend battery life

Unlimited Endurance and High-Reliability

1,000 trillion read/write endurance cycles to log data every millisecond for more than 3,000 years

Highest-Density Serial F-RAM

Introduces 8-Mbit density F-RAM, to meet the growing data-logging requirement in portable medical, wearable, and IoT devices

Instant Nonvolatility

Offers NoDelay™ writes to capture data instantly with no soak time requirement and without any additional components for power back-up

Small Footprint

Comes in small footprint ~10mm2

8-pin GQFN package

Energy-Efficient Technology

Consumes 200x less energy than EEPROM and 3,000x less energy than NOR Flash products


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