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Register Here for E-mail Notification of On-line Availability of Shareholder Materials

Cypress is pleased to offer the convenience of viewing and downloading shareholder communications, including annual reports, press releases, and proxy statements on-line. The benefits and convenience of electronic delivery include:

  • immediate receipt of shareholder communications, including the proxy statement, annual report and related materials;
  • reduction of the amount of mail shareholders receive;
  • reduction of Cypress's printing and mailing costs, while helping to conserve valuable natural resources; and
  • ability for on-line proxy voting.

Please note that in order to use this service, you must give us your consent by enrolling below.

To enroll now please click on the appropriate selection below:

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You are a Registered Shareholder if you have your stock certificate in your possession.
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You are a Beneficial Shareholder if you have your stock in a brokerage account.

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You are a Non-U.S. and Non-Canadian Shareholder if you do not have a US/Canadian Social Security Number or Tax ID associated with your account.

  Mutual Fund and 401(k): If you have your stock in a mutual fund or 401(k) plan, the fund manager of the 401(k) plan trustee votes on your behalf and you are not considered a Registered Shareholder or a Beneficial Shareholder as defined above. Accordingly this service does not apply to you.
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