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SMBus Slave

Last Updated: 
Jul 03, 2013

Supported Devices: CY8C29x66, CY8C27x43, CY8C28xxx, CY8C24x23, CY8C24x33, CY8C21x23, CY8C21x34

General Description:

The SMBus Slave User Module provides a SMBus slave interface that is fully compliant with the Physical and Digital Link layers described in the SMBus Specification Version 2.0. This user module can be used in conjunction with other master and slave devices connected to a single SMBus segment. This user module uses an I2C controller and its interrupt for its physical layer.


  • Industry standard SMBus compatible slave interface
  • Supports SMBus Host Notify Protocol (HNP) using command and through a dedicated Alert pin
  • Optional Packet Error Check (PEC)
  • Standard data rate of 50/100 kbps
  • High-level Application Program Interface (API) requires minimal user programming

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