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Gas Sensor Analog Front End | Cypress Semiconductor

Gas Sensor Analog Front End

Last Updated: 
Jan 29, 2018

Supported Devices: CY8C29x66, CY8C28xxx, CY8C27x43, CY8C24x94, CY8C24x23A

General Description:

The Gas Sensor Analog Front End (AFE) User Module in PSoC Designer is a virtual IC that implements the required analog front-end for three-lead electrochemical gas sensors in PSoC 1. Once you place this User Module in your design it configures all required hardware resources. This User Module provides an output voltage that is proportional to the gas concentration.

The Gas Sensor AFE User Module consists of two blocks - a control amplifier and a trans-impedance amplifier (TIA). Control amplifier is implemented using one continues time (CT) analog block and one switched capacitor (SC) block of PSoC 1. It is used to maintain the sensor’s required bias voltage.

The sensor provides current output proportional to the gas concentration. TIA (implemented using a CT block) converts this current signal to voltage.

 Gas Sensor Analog Front End Diagram 


  • Implements configurable AFE for a three-lead electrochemical sensor
  • Provides Control Amplifier to drive and control the gas sensor
  • Provides TIA to convert the sensor current output to voltage
  • Maintains user-settable bias voltage for the gas sensor


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