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New 8FX, CY95810K Series 8-bit Microcontroller Hardware Manual | Cypress Semiconductor

New 8FX, CY95810K Series 8-bit Microcontroller Hardware Manual

Last Updated: 
Sep 29, 2020
The CY95810K Series is a line of products developed as general-purpose products in the New 8FX family of proprietary 8-bit single-chip microcontrollers applicable as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The CY95810K Series can be used for a wide range of applications from consumer products including portable devices to industrial equipment. Intended for engineers who actually develop products using the CY95810K Series of microcontrollers, this manual describes its functions, features, and operations. You should read through the manual. This manual is written to explain the respective configurations and operations of peripheral functions, but not to provide specifications of a device

Note: Cypress continues to supports this product and the Japanese document is removed from web for branding update. If you want to access the document, please contact your sales representatives or customer service support.