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CY91590 Series FR81S Hardware Manual | Cypress Semiconductor

CY91590 Series FR81S Hardware Manual

Last Updated: 
Jun 03, 2020
This series is Cypress 32-bit microcontroller designed for automotive and industrial control. It contains the FR81S CPU that is compatible with the FR family. The FR81S CPU has a high level performance among the FR family by enhancing instruction pipeline and load store processing, and improving internal bus transfer. It is best suited for application control for automotive. This manual explains the function, operation, and the usage for the engineer who develops the product by actually using this series.

Note: Cypress continues to supports this product and one Japanese document is removed from web for branding update. If you want to access the document, please contact your sales representatives or customer service support.

Translated documents are for reference only. We recommend that you refer to the English-language version of a document if you are engaged in development of a design.