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32-Bit Microcontroller FM4 Family Peripheral Manual | Cypress Semiconductor

32-Bit Microcontroller FM4 Family Peripheral Manual

Last Updated: 
May 29, 2020
This manual explains the functions and operations of FM4 family and describes how they are used. The manual is intended for engineers engaged in the actual development of products using FM4 family. FM4 Family PERIPHERAL MANUAL GDC Part

Cypress’ FM4 is a family of 32-bit, general-purpose and high-performance microcontrollers based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor with FPU and DSP functionality. These documents describe each functional block of FM4 devices in detail, and provide register and bit-field descriptions. This information will help designers to create system-level designs.

Translated documents are for reference only. We recommend that you refer to the English-language version of a document if you are engaged in development of a design.