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USB 2.0 - It Just Works

Last Updated: 
Nov 13, 2008 (USA)

In 1995, a fairly unknown specification called the Universal Serial Bus (or USB) began circulating among a handful of companies. With it came the promise of a truly easy-to-use universal interface for the PC. Since then, USB has emerged as the most successful interface in the history of PCs. From the user perspective, the benefits of USB are obvious: universal plug-and-play and revolutionary ease-of-use. When a USB peripheral is plugged-in to a USB port on the PC, the system will auto-detect and auto-configure the device. In most cases, there is zero user intervention required. The days of opening up the PC are gone. Furthermore, USB eliminates the need for multiple I/O standards, thereby simplifying PC connectivity for the consumer (as well as simplifying manufacturing for the PC OEMs)...