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Take Five Steps To Increase Your Professional Value | Cypress Semiconductor

Take Five Steps To Increase Your Professional Value

Last Updated: 
May 10, 2011

For engineers, especially product designers and the massive support organizations we build to get products from concept to customers, it is not always clear when one is an expense or an asset, a critical team member or a head on the chopping block. Rather than lose sleep worrying about it, each of us can take action to increase our own “staying power” by explicitly increasing our value to the companies for which we work.

The following five steps will help you secure your place in the future, in your current position at your company, and in the industry (read: other companies). In the world of personal financial planning, everything begins with assessing your present situation and figuring out your current net worth. The same holds true in your professional life. And just like our finances, when we get busy we don’t pay attention to our own “balance sheet.” So that’s the first step.  To read more, click the download link below or visit Electronic Design.