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Robots in the Military - Brave, Autonomous and Dispensable Warriors | Cypress Semiconductor

Robots in the Military - Brave, Autonomous and Dispensable Warriors

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May 10, 2011

In today’s military conflicts, the airspace is filled with unmanned aerial vehicles of all sizes—hand launched vehicles by Special Forces to the jet-powered Predator drones flown by Airmen thousands of miles away from the conflict area; as well as ground-based autonomous and wirelessly controlled robotic vehicles for high-risk patrols to explosive ordinance detonation and disarming. These robotic vehicles support a variety of military missions ranging from covert intelligence gathering, direct support to ground forces to overt military strikes. The military robotic force of today saves lives. Designers and engineers of robotic systems and components may or may not even know that they play a large part in enabling these and future systems. Developing these systems; however, is not a trivial task. Robotic systems, in their most basic being, simulate or otherwise artificially sense their environment and through programmed logic, respond and interact with their surroundings—the ultimate mix of analog sensing, driving and digital logic, processing and communications. Mixed signal designs are definitely not new, but with state of the art advances in the fundamental components that make up these designs, there are now ways to implement robotic subsystems easier, with lower power requirements and at greatly reduced costs.  To read more, click the download link below or visit: Electronic Products.