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Personal Training 32-bits at a Time | Cypress Semiconductor

Personal Training 32-bits at a Time

Last Updated: 
Jun 11, 2010

As 32-bit microcontrollers become more prevalent and affordable, device manufacturers are coming up with new means to utilize the added horse power. An example of this are personal training devices which a runner can strap to their arm to determine the amount of calories expended, total distance traveled, and total vertical feet climbed. These devices have traditionally been data mining devices which relied on an application running on a personal computer to analyze the data and return the runner’s performance results. Now, by utilizing 32-bit microcontrollers, designers are able to efficiently perform the necessary on board calculations to give the runner feedback to motivate and enhance the workout. To give real world examples, Cypress’s PSoC 5 microcontroller will be referenced.  To read more, click the download link below or visit: Low-Power Design.