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Overcoming UTMI Interface Limitations in USB-Enabled Handsets | Cypress Semiconductor

Overcoming UTMI Interface Limitations in USB-Enabled Handsets

Last Updated: 
Nov 13, 2008

USB has quickly become widespread as the interface of choice for mobile handsets for connecting to a PC.  This is due in part to the ubiquity of USB in the PC and laptop market - one would be hard pressed to find a new PC today that doesn't have at least a single USB port, with most providing two or four ports.  Also, USB has become the standard method of transferring data to and from the PC - MP3 players (PMP), digital still cameras (DSC), flash drives, hard disk drives, etc. all employ USB as the transfer protocol of choice.  As mobile handsets continue to integrate more and more features, such as higher resolution digital cameras, PMPs, and PDA functionality, users need a convenient method of transferring files to and from the handset.  What could be better than the ubiquity and familiarity of USB? To read more about this article, click the download link or go to Mobile Handset DesignLine.

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