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Firmware for Multichannel HBLED Systems | Cypress Semiconductor

Firmware for Multichannel HBLED Systems

Last Updated: 
May 24, 2010

High-brightness LEDs are revolutionizing the lighting industry by adding valuable flexibility, intelligence, and higher efficiency to lighting systems. LEDs give designers the ability to create white light fixtures with color temperature control. The CRI rating and the color gamut size for any fixture are two important specifications. Many systems improve CRI and gamut size by using multiple channels of HBLED colors. Generally, the more channels of color there are the higher the CRI and the larger the color gamut is of that system. Unfortunately, system complexity increases with each HBLED color channel that is added.

This article discusses methods for managing the complexity of systems that have four or more HBLED channels. There are many tradeoffs between the software implementations used for controlling the HBLED channels to produce desired colors. These tradeoffs are discussed and guidelines are given for selecting the right method given a set of lighting system specifications. To read more, click the download link below or visit Electronic Design.

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