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Dynamic Reconfiguration: Transformers in the embedded world | Cypress Semiconductor

Dynamic Reconfiguration: Transformers in the embedded world

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Nov 28, 2013

The market has recently experienced an explosion in the number of embedded devices pervading everyday life, from iPods and PDAs that people carry to wireless presentation tools and digital organizers that help one organize oneself better to wireless sensor networks deployed for environment monitoring. As the world continues to go embedded, devices continue to grow smaller in size with an increasing number of battery-powered embedded devices also entering the market. Manufacturers are constantly driven to find new ways of decreasing the component count on an embedded device in order to reduce its size, reduce power budget to increase battery life and to reduce cost of manufacturer to be competitive in a crowded market. These requirements of embedded systems have forced semiconductor manufacturers to develop new technologies and tools to achieve these objectives.  To read more on this topic, click the download link.

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