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Differentiating Your LED Design | Cypress Semiconductor

Differentiating Your LED Design

Last Updated: 
Oct 30, 2009

As the LED market continues to grow, pressure increases for lighting manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve, especially with hundreds of new players jumping in to take advantage of the $2 billion dollar potential. Many have little experience with electronics, being more familiar with standard florescent and incandescent bulbs. The literally million dollar question for these companies becomes how to set their lighting design apart from all the other competitors out there.

This article will explore several examples of differentiating what appears at face value to be a simple LED design. Each of these examples deserves far more space than can be devoted to here, but should serve as a starting point for additional creativity. The key to this step is the addition of basic intelligence to the circuit, generally in the form of a microcontroller. Intelligence is necessary to take advantage of what LEDs offer as much to white light designs as to color. To read more, click the download link below or visit

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