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Designing with QDRII+ and QDRII in one system | Cypress Semiconductor

Designing with QDRII+ and QDRII in one system

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Nov 13, 2008

Specialized memory products that optimize some architectures' memory bandwidth have successfully increased the overall performance in a variety of data-processing systems, and operating speeds have increased to as much as 500 MHz. To meet the demand for these products, the QDR (quad-data-rate) Consortium, which comprises Cypress, IDT, NEC Electronics, Renesas, and Samsung, has released the next generation of SRAMs. The QDRII+ (quad-data-rate II+) SRAMs meet these requirements by offering higher memory bandwidth, improved timing margins, and more flexibility in system designs. QDRII+ SRAMs offer 50% higher speeds than QDRII SRAMs, deliver a bandwidth as high as 72 Gbps, and come in FBGA packages. The QDRII+ architecture uses the currently installed infrastructure to create higher performing products and allows a direct transition to higher frequencies. To read more, visit EDN.