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Designing More Efficient White Goods | Cypress Semiconductor

Designing More Efficient White Goods

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Aug 10, 2011

Developers continue to feel increasing pressure to reduce cost and increase functionality in white goods.  The microwave oven, for example, has become an integral part of households and can make any kind of food for you on just a click of button. Behind these smart devices are a host of various microcontrollers which control systems like the temperature monitor, motor control, keypad, LCD, and various auto-cook menus that make cooking an enjoyable experience. All these controllers when integrated into a complete system such as an oven need a master controller to communicate and monitor the activities of the sub-systems. In the current scenario, the development of oven is hindered by problems such as integration of the sub-systems, increasing the dependency of one unit over the other. Implementing all of these sub-systems using a single-chip microcontroller increases system reliability while reducing production cost.