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Design Touchscreen-Based Handheld Systems for Low Power Consumption | Cypress Semiconductor

Design Touchscreen-Based Handheld Systems for Low Power Consumption

Last Updated: 
Oct 08, 2013

Author: Sachin Gupta

Low-power operation is one of the major design aspects of any touchscreen device. Power efficiency helps to extend battery life, satisfying a primary design constraint for increased operating life. Power-efficient design also helps reduce the battery size and, hence, the end system’s size and weight, which are also important specifications. In addition, power efficiency reduces the overhead required to manage thermal dissipation because the generation of heat is reduced at the source by optimizing the power consumed.

Designers can stretch the operating battery life of handheld devices through judicious management of the operational states. Touchscreens, which are now nearly ubiquitous, make a good example. The operating conditions for a portable device, with the variety of applications it can support, generally can vary from intensely busy to nearly idle in a moment’s time. By utilizing knowledge of how a device is being used, the power consumed by the touchscreen can be more efficiently managed.

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