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Crystal Oscillator Design and Negative Resistance | Cypress Semiconductor

Crystal Oscillator Design and Negative Resistance

Last Updated: 
Nov 13, 2008

Timing is a critical part of almost every electronics application.  Communication and data transfer generally require a reference signalor source to enable system synchronization and signal generation.  At the heart of moster reference sources is the oscillator, a circuit that produces an output signal with no input signal.  Oscillator start-up is achieved by the injection of energy composed of noise and/or the transient power supply response.  A crystal oscillator consists of a feedback network and an amplifier or gain element.  Historically both of these builing blocks were designed and manufactured by companies specializing in frequency control products but this paradigm has changed as separate companies design and manufacture the crystals and the amplifiers. To view more on this article, click the download pdf link above. 

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