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Code-Free Approach to Touch and Proximity for Embedded Systems | Cypress Semiconductor

Code-Free Approach to Touch and Proximity for Embedded Systems

Last Updated: 
Sep 23, 2008

Capacitive sensing modules make it easy to add a touch and proximity interface to a system since there is no code to write or debug. Just take the module off the shelf and drop it into the system. Sensor modules however are inflexible in the functions they perform, and may limit the features that can be added to a product. A more flexible solution is desirable since it is often the little extras that get added at the last minute that make a product stand out from the competition. This article shows how to incorporate capacitive sensing features into a simple embedded system without writing a single line of code. This Code-Free approach has the convenience of off-the-shelf modules, with the flexibility of a code-intensive embedded controller. The complete design process is demonstrated for a real-world product idea, from concept to working prototype. To read more, click the download link above or visit Programmable Logic DesignLine.

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