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On-Board Failure Logging (OBFL) | Cypress Semiconductor

On-Board Failure Logging (OBFL)

Last Updated: 
Jun 11, 2010

Board failure at customer sites or in the field can happen for many reasons, and reconstructing the exact failure at the failure site continues to be a challenge for developers. To assist in troubleshooting failures, all board environment variables and failure messages should be logged and stored at the time of a board failure so that the root-cause for the board failure can be determined at a later point in time. This article describes a structured approach to adding on-board failure logging (OBFL) capabilities to facilitate reproduction of failure on Field Return boards. It highlights the importance of OBFL, categorizes failure log data by defining OBFL Records, reviews the organization of failure logs in persistence memory, and outlines the system software support needed for storing and retrieving OBFL data.  To read more, click the download link below or visit: Industrial Control DesignLine.