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L3 SMC sample project | Cypress Semiconductor

L3 SMC sample project

Last Updated: 
Jun 21, 2016

The project includes all basic MCU startup code and the FCR4 Low Level
Library (L3), containing several peripheral modules.

Basic SMC example using PWM to driver stepper motors, micro stepping will be triggered by using RLTn set with Smc_SetRlt() driving stepper motors to target position to be set using function Smc_UpdatePosition()

Button SW1 toggles Start/Stop state of stepper motors enabling/disabling stepping
Button SW2 sets current position as zero position
Button SW3 moves stepper motors target position up
Button SW4 moves stepper motors target position down

For Buttons SW3/SW4 motors will only move to target position when SMC module is started so that micro stepping is enabled

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