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Known Problems and Solutions for PSoC Designer 5.1 Beta 2 | Cypress Semiconductor

Known Problems and Solutions for PSoC Designer 5.1 Beta 2

Last Updated: 
Jun 10, 2010
# Category Problem Solution/Work Around CY CDT#
1 Bootloader Cloned projects that contain a bootloader user module do not generate the correct boot.tpl. 1. Right click on the bootloader and select "Boot Loader Tools".
2. Select Get Files.
3. Rebuild
2 Bootloader Hex file out of date message when attempting to program after running Boot Loader Tools wizard. Click "Yes" and proceed with programming.  Alternatively, save (possibly even rebuild) the project again (even if it was just built). This will be fixed in the production release of PD5.1. 76157
3 Compile For projects that use the Hi-Tech compiler, you may not be able to set breakpoints on some source code lines. The Hi-Tech compiler optimizes-out (removes from compiler output) statements that it deems of no consequence to the execution of the program. Set the breakpoint on a subsequent source code line. 44429
4 Compile EQU cannot be used inside a macro with the ImageCraft compiler. That is, there is no substitution inside the macro other than the parameters used to pass values into it. No workaround at this time. 44438
5 Compile ImageCraft Compiler: Turning on sublimation option causes designs with USBFS UM to fail. This will be fixed in the production release of PD5.1.  See for more information. Please contact Cypress Applications if you need help with a workaround. 45559
6 Compile ImageCraft Compiler hanging In the case of a very complex single expression the compiler may fail to complete the compile. This will result in PSoC Designer hanging during the display of the "Generate Project Status" dialog window. To unhang the build, the process "iccomm8c.exe" can be ended using Task Manager. Then the complex expression can be rewritten into multiple simpler expressions. 47476
7 Compile The latest ImageCraft compiler is reporting an error "operands of = have illegal types `pointer to const char' and `pointer to char'". This was not seen previously. The new compiler is more strict than the previous compiler. The previous compiler would allow a statement such as:
  const char *cptr;
  cptr = (char *) 0x3000;

The new compiler will generate an error and you must change this code to:
  const char *cptr;
  cptr = (const char *) 0x3000;
Although the original code is legal C, the ImageCraft compiler generates an error because it uses the const specifier to indicate that the data will be stored in flash. This special meaning of const means that pointers to a const location are different from a normal pointer and therefore a standard pointer cannot be assigned to a const pointer.
8 Compile Can't JMP forward across a "return" statement. With the ImageCraft compiler, multiple return statements in a function may cause an error if they are not part of an if-then-else statement. For example, code that uses multiple return statements with inline assembly may fail.  Example: This code will fail:
   asm("mov a, reg[0]"); // inline assembly - check value in register 0
   asm("jz Label0:"); // inline assembly, jump
   return 1; // c return statement
   asm("Label0:"); // inline assembly label
   return 0; // c return statement
Workaround: Don't use multiple return statements except in if-then-else statements. Either use an extra variable or build the return statements into an if-then-else statement. Example of workaround using an extra variable:

   int ReturnValue = 0;
   asm("mov a, reg[0]"); // inline assembly - check value in register 0
   asm("jz Label0:"); // inline assembly, jump
   ReturnValue = 1; // set variable
   asm("Label0"); // inline assembly label
   return ReturnValue; // c return statement
9 Compile The ImageCraft Compiler - "map file does not contain __text_end symbol" linker error. If no information exists in a project for the linker to put into the "text" area, the compiling/linking process fails with error "map file does not contain __text_end symbol". To work around this issue, add two lines to a .c file somewhere like:

#pragma text:text

Those two lines will add a one line program to the text area consisting only of a nop.

10 Compile Project Settings of ImageCraft Pro are not inherited from ImageCraft STD project. Please manually adjust the settings in Project->Settings when changing compilers.  This will be fixed in an upcoming release. 70113
11 Compile Sublimation & Condensation break my design. Care must be taken to not break the rules defined in section 10.4 of C Language user's guide, "Code Compressor and the AREA Directive". If you believe you have this issue and need help, contact Cypress Applications  contact Cypress Applications ( with the CDT #s. 67628, 68335, 71314
12 Debug A field of a structure cannot be watched independently from the whole structure. That is, you cannot add just one field of a struct to the Watch Window. If you want to watch the fields of a struct, add the struct instance itself to the Watch Window. Then, expand the node of the variable in the Watch Window to see the struct's fields. 26080
13 Debug For projects that use the Hi-Tech compiler, the values of pointer variables shown in the Watch Window sometimes differ from what is reported in the memory window. The value of the pointer shown in the Watch Window is the true value of the pointer variable. Use the value displayed in the Watch Window for debugging purposes. 44441
14 Dev - CY22x45 Analog BUS connections in the Chip Editor do not match CSD2X Wizard values for CY22x45 devices.; No workaround. This issue does not affect the project's functionality and will be fixed in the next release.  76478
15 Dev CY8C28xxx The analog column numbers of some CY8C28xxx devices in PSoC Designer do not match the column numbers given in the Technical Reference Manual for CY8C28xxx devices In these cases, the column numbers in PSoC Designer are incorrect. This should be accounted for when correlating data in the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) with what is seen in the Chip View of PSoC Designer. 56662
16 Device - encore V ADCINC User Module issue: range of count values halved for CY7C604X5/6 and CY7C643x5/6 devices. If you need help with a work around, contact Cypress Applications ( Please refer to CDT 68971. This will be addressed in the production release of PD5.1. 68971
17 General Cannot Open Moved/Renamed PD Projects. This may occur when the workspace folder is renamed or copied with a different name. Workspace copies should be made with the "Save Workspace As" feature available from the File menu, i.e. File -> Save Workspace As 48971
18 General Error message "Invalid Project Structure. Name of the folder that contains project's '.cmx' file must match '.cmx' file name". This may occur when the workspace folder is renamed or copied with a different name. Workspace copies should be made with the "Save Workspace As" feature available from the File menu, i.e. File -> Save Workspace As 48971
19 General If the decimator is used in the base configuration and a dynamic configuration overlay is loaded, the Decimator Control Register 2 (DEC_CR2, address 1,E7h) will be incorrectly modified. This will affect the operation of any user module in the base configuration that requires the decimator (e.g. ADC). In PsoCConfig.asm, in the LoadConfig function of the overlay, comment out the line that modifies the DEC_CR2 register as follows:
; writing Type2Decimator_Control register
; M8C_SetBank1
; and reg[e7h], ~c8h

Note: The psocconfig.asm code will be overwritten when the application is regenerated, so this code will need to get commented out again after regenerating
20 General Large fonts may garble PSoC Designer menus. When Display Properties->Appearance-> Font size is set to a larger font size or the monitor DPI setting is set to larger number, some of the PSoC Designer menu items are not displayed properly. Switch to smaller font size or DPI setting. 64310
21 General Some PSoC parts become unresponsive after watchdog timer reset. Some PSoC 1 customers have observed that with certain firmware running, some parts may reset and become unresponsive. This happens when a watchdog timer reset is followed by a failure to clear the watchdog timer before another reset is asserted. This problem is heavily influenced by the trimmed and untrimmed IMO and ILO frequencies. It is also influenced by the firmware used by the customer, specifically by how quickly in boot.asm the watchdog timer is cleared. The resolution to the problem involves changing firmware and screening parts for low IMO frequencies and high ILO frequencies. 74542
22 General Changing a user module name makes the previous selection's pinout settings disappear from its parameters. This problem happens only when controlling pinout settings through UM parameters. An instruction has been added in the boot.tpl/boot.asm files to clear the Watch Dog Timer (WDT) immediately before enabling the WDT. This occurs near the beginning of the boot files. This is to prevent a subsequent Watch Dog Reset (WDR) from occurring within this boot firmware if a Watch Dog Reset has occurred.  75309
23 Install/Uninstall Uninstalling PSoC Designer 5.1 prompts the user to reboot. It is not necessary to reboot. This will be fixed in the next release. 48505
24 User Module - CSD The CSD User Module for CY8C20xx6/A family does not have Radial Slider APIs. This results in an undefined symbol '_CSD_wGetCentroidPos' error. This will be fixed in the production release of PD5.1. 76264
25 User Module - TS2000 For the CY8C20336H, CY8C20346H, and CY8C20446H devices, the "SharpClick" effect is not precisely correct when "Sanyo NRS-2574i" actuator is selected.  The workaround is to place the following code after the TS2000_Start() function:

TS2000_SharpClick[7] = 0x20;"