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Infineon Auto Flash Utility | Cypress Semiconductor

Infineon Auto Flash Utility

Last Updated: 
Feb 24, 2021

Infineon Auto Flash Utility (AutoFlashUtil) is a flexible, cross-platform, integrated application to allow programming Infineon devices. It can perform Program, Erase, Verify, and Read operations on the flash of the target device. It can target an entire device, a specific region, a sector, and even a byte of a device.

The AutoFlashUtil is based on the Open On-Chip Debugger (OpenOCD) open source. OpenOCD is a powerful tool whose interface interacts with the target device via the JTAG/SWD debug ports. OpenOCD allows programming internal and external flash memories of a wide range of target devices, CFI-compatible flashes, and some CPLD/FPGA devices.

OpenOCD was originally developed by Dominic Rath at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. The OpenOCD source code is now available through the GNU General Public License (GPL).

This document covers the Infineon-specific CLI extensions of OpenOCD. For more details about OpenOCD, refer to the official documentation available at