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GPIF™ II Designer

Last Updated: 
Feb 25, 2018

The GPIF II Designer is a graphical software that allows designers to configure the GPIF II interface of the EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 Device Controller.  

The tool allows users the ability to select from one of five Cypress supplied interfaces, or choose to create their own GPIF II interface from scratch.  Cypress has supplied industry standard interfaces such as Asynchonous and Synchronous Slave FIFO, Asynchronous and Synchronous SRAM, and Asynchronous SRAM.  Designers who already have one of these pre-defined interfaces in their system can simply select the interface of choice, choose from a set of standard parameters such as bus width (x8, 16, x32) endianess, clock settings, and compile the interface.  The tool has a streamlined three step GPIF interface development process for users who need a customized interface.  Users are able to first select their pin configuration and standard parameters.  Secondly, they can design a virtual state machine using configurable actions. Finally, users can view output timing to verify that it matches the expected timing.  Once the three step process is complete, the interface can be compiled and integrated with FX3.

GPIFII Designer Screen Shot GPIFII Designer Screen Shot GPIFII Designer Screen Shot

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is a required software for GPIF(TM) II Designer

Included in the Download:

1.) GPIF II Designer
2.) GPIF II Designer Release Notes
3.) GPIF II Designer Quick Start Guide
4.) GPIF II Designer User’s Manual

Videos for getting started with GPIF™II Designer are now available. Please refer to the related resources section to the right.