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EZ-USB® HX3PD Firmware | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB® HX3PD Firmware

Last Updated: 
May 07, 2021

EZ-USB® HX3PD is a family of USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Hubs with USB Power Delivery (PD) that complies with the USB 3.1 Gen 2 specification, Type-C v1.2, and USB PD rev 3.0 v1.1 standards.

EZ-USB HX3PD consists of three controllers (USB PD Controller, Dock Management Controller (DMC) and Hub Controller) with unique firmware for each of them. These three firmware images need to be combined using the HX3PD Configuration Utility to form a combined firmware image. The combined firmware image is called as 'composite firmware' which can be downloaded to a HX3PD based hardware using the HX3PD Configuration Utility. Also, the USB PD Controller and DMC firmware can be configured using the HX3PD Configuration Utility before creating the composite firmware.

Following are the 2 MPNs of HX3PD:

1 CYUSB4347-BZXC DMC supports un-signed firmware download
2 CYUSB4357-BZXC DMC supports signed firmware download

There are 2 revisions of HX3PD silicon (Rev A and Rev B) available for both the MPNs. Firmware for both these revisions are unique. Refer to the HX3PD Firmware Release Notes for more details. The latest firmware package for both revisions of CYUSB4347-BZXC part is available for download on this page.

Contact Cypress Technical Support to get the latest firmware package for the CYUSB4357-BZXC part with support for signed firmware download.

Refer to the EZ-USB® HX3PD Configuration Utility webpage to download the latest version of the utility.