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Clock Wizard 2.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

Clock Wizard 2.0

Last Updated: 
Aug 10, 2015

The Clock Wizard software enables you to create the configuration file used to program Cypress's CY27410 4-PLL high performance clock generator.

CY27410 is a 4-PLL high-performance clock generator which can generate up to twelve outputs. It has eight outputs which can be configured as differential or single-ended, and four dedicated single-ended outputs. It supports frequencies up to 700 MHz and has <0.7-ps RMS phase jitter. It also meets the reference clock requirements of PCIe 3.0, 10GbE and SATA 2.0.

The software allows you to modify various internal settings inorder for you to get the required configuration file for the working of the device. The configuration file generated can be used by the Clock Programmer tool to program the device using I2C if you are evaluating the device using the CY3679 kit.