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Blaster Plus Configuration Utility | Cypress Semiconductor

Blaster Plus Configuration Utility

Last Updated: 
Jun 01, 2016

Blaster Plus is a Cypress GUI-based software tool that configures HX3. Blaster Plus enables the In-System Programming Feature, which programs an external EEPROM connected to HX3/HX3C through USB.

Blaster Plus supports the following In-System Programming functionality:

  • Read configuration data from the EEPROM
  • Erase the firmware and configuration data on the EEPROM
  • Program EEPROM with firmware
  • Program EEPROM with configuration data


HX3 Configurations enabled by Blaster Plus


General Settings: Parameters related to enumeration details of HX3/HX3C
GPIO control: Parameters to control the default behavior of GPIO pins and status LED pins
Charging control: Parameters related to USB Battery charging, Proprietary charging and Ghost charging™
Power switch settings: Parameters related to HX3 power management controls
Port and PHY settings: Parameters related to port specific features such as Shared Link™ and PHY configuration
USB descriptors: Parameters related to OEM product descriptor strings