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FX2LP DMB-T/H TV Dongle Reference Design Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

FX2LP DMB-T/H TV Dongle Reference Design Guide

Last Updated: 
May 18, 2021




The Cypress FX2LP and Legend Silicon based DMB-TH TV Dongle Reference Design consists of all files required for the complete design. It has a tuner from ADI, which tunes the RF signal to the Legend Silicon demodulator. This sends the TV signals in MPEG2_TS stream to Cypress FX2LP, which then sends them to the PC through the USB interface. In the PC, the BDA driver forwards the data from the USB to the Media Player application where it is played.

Reference Design Contents:

  1. Schematics in .pdf and .dsn format
  2. Gerber files
  3. Bill of Materials
  4. Firmware source code
  5. Driver Object Code
  6. Reference Design Guide

OS Supported: The above given reference design has been tested with Windows XP/32 bit platform and WHQL certified. The process of testing with other OS platforms are underway and will be updated once it is done.

Note: We recommend the users not to use the reference design with any other OS Platform other than Win XP32.

For more information about the entire design , please contact your local Cypress sales office.