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EZ-OTG/EZ-Host Windows CE.NET driver, Version 1.01 | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-OTG/EZ-Host Windows CE.NET driver, Version 1.01

Last Updated: 
Jun 28, 2010

Windows CE.NET driver for EZ-OTG(TM) and EZ-Host(TM) Controllers, Version 1.01

Below is an updated version of the Windows CE.Net driver for EZ-OTG(TM) and EZ-Host(TM).  Version 1.01 has not been QA tested.

The updated version of the driver is provided for the following two build options :

  • USB Host only (supports multiple ports)
  • USB Peripheral only

These are pre-configured for the most common usage models. Source code and documentation are provided to make it simple to do further customization.

Hardware Description

This is a software download only. This driver was created with an Accelent development platform using the Intel PXA255 XScale processor.