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CY4640 version 1.1 - EZ-Host(TM) Mass Storage Reference Design | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4640 version 1.1 - EZ-Host(TM) Mass Storage Reference Design

Last Updated: 
Jan 25, 2018

EZ-Host Mass Storage Chip Image (CY4640)


The CY4640 reference design is built on the Cypress CY7C67300 EZ-HOST device. The chip core is a 16-bit Embedded RISC processor(CY16). Following are the additional hardware features supported by this chip.

  • 16KB Internal RAM.
  • Extend memory interface supported.
  • Built-in IDE interface support
  • Host port interface(HPI) interface, High speed Serial (HSS),Serial peripheral Interface(SPI) , UART and Multiple GPIO options are supported.
  • Ability to communicate with external processor through HPI/HSS/SPI/GPIO interfaces.

Firmware Description:

The CY4640 reference design offers key pieces of software IP to enable embedded applications to exchange data with USB mass storage device class Products. Software includes:

  • USB Host  stack based on Cypress Frameworks.
  • Mass storage Class firmware driver.
  • Built-In FAT12/16/32 File system support in firmware.
  • Volume manager supporting multiple USB devices, partitions and logical units.
  • IDE manager for directly connecting hard drives.

The kit also includes utilities to support firmware download to EEPROM or RAM memory. All these  are  provided in the kit and are  royalty  free.

This is the ZIP file for the complete installer for the final 1.1 release of the CY4640 EZ-Host(TM) Mass Storage Reference Design. Please refer to the release notes in the root of the ZIP file for additional information. Contact your local Sales Representative or Field Applications Engineer  for additional support.