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CY4623 Mouse Reference Design | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4623 Mouse Reference Design

Last Updated: 
Mar 19, 2018

CY4623 Chip

The CY4623 reference design kit offers a complete production-ready solution for a USB or PS/2 optical mouse. The design showcases the revolutionary new enCoRe II device family for an overall reduction in system cost.


  • Agilent ADNS-2620 optical sensor
  • USB or PS/2 support, may be customized for full combi support
  • No external transistors or pull-ups
  • 3 buttons with I/O for 6-10 more
  • Scroll wheel
  • CY7C638xx device family
  • USB 2.0 specification-compliant
  • WHQL-compliant
Kit Components
  • Evaluation 3-button combi optical mouse
  • PS/2 adapter
  • "MiniProg" programmer and USB receptacle programming adapter
  • Firmware source and object code
  • Complete hardware design files
  • Comprehensive design documentation
A modified version of the CY4623supporting the PixArt PAN3101 sensor is also available.