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CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design | Cypress Semiconductor

CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design

Last Updated: 
May 21, 2018

The CCG2 18W Power Adapter (PA) Board is receptacle based Type-C power adapter which supports outputs of 5V@3A, 7V@2.5A, 9V@2A and 12V@1.5A. The two major components on the board are Cypress’s EZ-PD CCG2 (CYPD2134-24LQXIT) controller and Power Integrations’ INN2215K AC-DC controller.  

CCG2 18W Power Adapter Reference Design

The CCG2 device on the board handles USB Type-C interface and PD 2.0 whereas AC-DC power conversion, Over Current protection (OCP) and Over Voltage Protection (OVP) is handled by Power Integrations’ INN2215K AC-DC controller, which supports universal AC input supply. Cypress has hardware files (schematic, bill of materials and board files) readily available below for customers to reduce the design cycle. 

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