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Powerline Communication Solutions Product Overview | Cypress Semiconductor

Powerline Communication Solutions Product Overview

Last Updated: 
Feb 15, 2016

Cypress’s Powerline Communication (PLC) solution enables the implementation of robust and reliable communication over AC and DC Powerlines. With Cypress’s PLC solution, you do not need new wires to transmit command and control data — you can reuse the existing infrastructure. Cypress’s PLC family of devices (CY8CPLC10, CY8CPLC20, and CY8CLED16P01) combines revolutionary PSOC® technology with reliable Powerline Communication to allow integration of multiple system functions in a single device, thereby reducing BOM costs and providing a smarter way to implement command and control. FCC- and CENELEC-compliant boards and complete network protocol implementation from Cypress accelerate time-to-market.