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64Mb to128Mb KS-1 (1.8-V) / KL-1 (3.0-V) HyperRAM™ | Cypress Semiconductor

64Mb to128Mb KS-1 (1.8-V) / KL-1 (3.0-V) HyperRAM™

Last Updated: 
Feb 07, 2019

Cypress HyperRAM™ devices are high-speed, self-refresh Dynamic RAM (DRAM) with a HyperBus™ interface for systems requiring expanded scratchpad memory. HyperRAM provides read/write bandwidth of up to 333 MBps in DDR mode. Available in the industry’s smallest package, the 6 mm x 8 mm 24-ball BGA, HyperRAM shares a common footprint with HyperFlash™ NOR Flash Memory. For systems requiring higher temperature ranges, an industrial-plus operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C is offered. Cypress applies stringent testing and qualification processes to ensure all parts meet our world-class quality requirements, and offers AEC-Q100 qualification.