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PCN104914 | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Apr 22, 2010

Qualification of Carsem Malaysia as an Additional Assembly Site for 24-lead QFN (4X4X0.6 mm) Package Products Using the Saw Singulation Process

Issue Date: 15-Apr-10
Effectivity Date: 14-Jul-10

CG7071AA CG7071AAT CG7153AM CG7153AMT CP6705AT CP6705ATT CP6794AT CP6794ATT CP6836AT CP6836ATT CP7126AT CP7126ATT CP7140AT CP7140ATT CP7196AT CP7196ATT CY7C63803-LQXC CY8C20132-LQXI CY8C20324-12LQXI CY8C20324-12LQXIT CY8C20334-12LQXI CY8C20334-12LQXIT