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WirelessUSB LR(TM) (Long Range) | Cypress Semiconductor

WirelessUSB LR(TM) (Long Range)

Last Updated: 
Mar 19, 2018

Long range screen shot  Long range screen shot

WirelessUSB LR (CYWUSB6935) is a low-cost, 2.4-GHz radio system-on-a-chip solution delivering up to 50 meters or more of wireless connectivity for commercial and industrial applications. WirelessUSB LR extends the value of Cypress's successful WirelessUSB product family into longer-range commercial and industrial multipoint-to-point applications, including building and home automation, industrial control, utility metering, transportation, paging systems, and presentation equipment. Prices starting below $3.00 in volume quantities, it provides an alternative to complex and costly wireless networking solutions like Zigbee and Bluetooth, enabling broad market adoption of wireless systems.