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USB Billboard - CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 | Cypress Semiconductor

USB Billboard - CY7C65210 and CY7C65217

Last Updated: 
Mar 21, 2018

USB Type-C supports transmission of alternate data protocols such as DisplayPort, MHL and PCIe. These are called alternate modes and are configured using Vendor Defined Messages (VDMs) over the Configuration Channel (CC). Billboard is a new USB device class introduced by USB-IF to provide a mechanism to report the Alternate Mode(s) supported by Device Container if the Alternate Mode negotiation fails.More details on Billboard Devices are available in the USB Billboard Device Class specification at the following link.

CY3295 Kit Image

Cypress Type-C Alternate Mode solution with Billboard device

Cypress has two different parts for Billboard: CY7C65210-24LTXI, a single channel billboard controller and CY7C65217-24LTXI, a dual channel billboard controller. CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 belongs to Cypress’s USB-Serial Bridge controller family, which has a configurable USB to I2C/SPI/UART channel. The USB-Serial family has an underlying powerful architecture with a Cortex-M0 and 32KB flash which allows flexible variants of products such as the billboard device, simply by developing custom firmware.

Cypress USB Billboard Controller implements:

  • Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Billboard Devices Rev 1.1
  • Firmware update for functionality for Type-C controller (CCGx), USB hub (HX3), Display Scalar
  • USB to I2C and USB to UART Bridge functionality 

The latest firmware for these parts are available for upgrade under the "Related files" section. Cypress EZ-PD Configuration Utility can be used to update the Billboard firmware by following the steps listed in KBA210623. CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 are currently in production.