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SuperSpeed Device Design By Example - By John Hyde | Cypress Semiconductor

SuperSpeed Device Design By Example - By John Hyde

Last Updated: 
Oct 24, 2019

SuperSpeed Device Design By Example, by John Hyde, is the latest in a series of “How-To” USB books. This guide takes a practical approach to designing and implementing SuperSpeed USB peripherals. Starting with the essential theory on USB 3.0, it provides a series of worked examples using the FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit.

Accelerate Your Design

This guide is optimized to work with the FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer kit and the CPLD Accessory Board. Work through a series of examples designed to teach you how to design a real-world USB 3.0 application.

SSD Front Cover imageUSB FX3 Book Kit imageUSB FX3 Book Kit image

Get Started Now

The book is available for purchase on Amazon and as an e-book on Kindle. To make the best use of the book, you will require the following:

  1. FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit (CYUSB3KIT-003) and CPLD Accessory Board (CYUSB3ACC-007)
  2. FX3 Software Development Kit (SDK)
  3. Optional Accessory boards:
    1. Aptina Interconnect Board (CYUSB3ACC-004)
    2. FMC Interconnect Board (CYUSB3ACC-005)
    3. HSMC Interconnect Board (CYUSB3ACC-006)
  4. FX3 Datasheet, FX3 App Notes, FX3 Knowledge Base Articles, FX3 Technical Reference Manual (TRM), Code Examples

For any questions regarding the book and boards, please contact

John Hyde

About The Author

John Hyde worked at Intel for 25 years before ‘retiring’ and is now principal consultant at USB Design By Example. He has helped people design, debug, and get into production, an enormous span of products.