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More on User Modules

Last Updated: 
Feb 13, 2012

PSoC Designer offers a wide array of configurable, pre-characterized, analog and digital building blocks to implement a range of functions and peripherals that are typically separate parts which cannot be configured (or reconfigured) on the fly.  The configurability of the User Modules accommodates application-specific tailoring and last minute changes. Examples of User Modules provided with PSoC Designer include. 

  • ADCs and DACs
  • Amplifiers, Comparators, and Analog Multiplexers
  • Filters
  • Counters and Timers
  • PWMs
  • Star Network Protocol (SNP) stack that implements hub or node functionality to support a wireless star network
  • Temperature measurement
  • Digital communications blocks like I2C, UART, SPI.
  • Special function blocks like LED/LCD Drivers. 
  • Capacitive touch solutions (touch screens, buttons, sliders, proximity sensing, etc.)
  • Auto-Tuning Capacitive Sensing User Module. Requires no manual tuning whatsoever. Automatic, in-system determination of all CapSense parameters.

See datasheets for the User Modules in the software or here