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Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded System Design (PSoC Book) | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded System Design (PSoC Book)

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2019


Introduction to Mixed-Signal, Embedded Design by Dr. Alex Doboli and Dr. Edward Currie was developed for upper level graduate and first year graduate level students. The text book addresses three important aspects of embedded mixed -signal systems:

  1. The defining characteristics of embedded applications,
  2. Embedded mixed-signal architectures, and
  3. Top down design and optimization activities for developing systems that meet performance goals.

The topics discussed include the hardware and software used to implement analog and digital interfaces such as Delta-Sigma ADCs, Filters, Amplifiers, PWMs, I/O Ports, APIs and ISRs.

There is a companion lab book consisting of 12 exercises implementing the principles described in the book.