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enCoRe III Full-Speed USB Laser Mouse | Cypress Semiconductor

enCoRe III Full-Speed USB Laser Mouse

Last Updated: 
Apr 08, 2011

Release Version: 1.0

Note: The following is a design example. It has been tested for functionality but has not gone through full validation or compliance testing. Although provided as-is, it is still a useful foundation for designing a complete product.

enCoRe III Laser Mouse

Although standard mice and keyboards in existence today are suitable for most users, some applications demand higher performance.  In particular, gaming mice strive for higher accuracy and lower latency than can be achieved with an LED-based sensor and low-speed USB controller.

This mouse design couples a high resolution laser navigation sensor with the performance of the enCoRe III full-speed USB controller.  It has been bench tested and should serve as a suitable starting point for creating a production quality product with minimal engineering effort.  This design can also serve as a reference for creating other full-speed USB Human Interface Device products based on the low cost, highly integrated enCoRe III.


  • Low latency full-speed USB interface
  • HID class compliant
  • High resolution Avago ADNS-6010 laser navigation sensor
  • Support for 5 buttons and Z-wheel
  • No EEPROM required - ADNS-6010 configuration image stored in enCoRe III flash

Design contents:

  • Firmware source code
  • Schematics
  • Release notes