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Cypress 72-Mbit QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress 72-Mbit QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs

Last Updated: 
Feb 26, 2018

Chip Images

The 72-Mbit QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs are similar to QDR/DDR SRAMs in their operation but with some performance improvements. The QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs include source synchronous free running echo clocks (CQ, /CQ) that enable customers to easily capture data. The QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs also support 1.5V HSTL interface. The applications are the same as that of QDR SRAMs. The QDR-II/DDR-II SRAMs have a maximum speed of 333MHz with a read latency of 1.5 cycles, with burst lengths of 2 and 4, and are available in an industry standard 165 Ball BGA.