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SK-POWER-3P-LV2-MC | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

This development kit is no longer available. This web page has been left in place for informational purposes only.

Extension board for SK-91580-001MC



The SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC is a StarterKit for low power motor control applications by using brushless DC or permanent magnet synchronous motors. Software development is possible by connecting e.g. the SK-91580-001-MC or SK-FM3-100PMC + ADA-FM3-100PMC-MC via the motor drive connector (MC) to the SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC.


The SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC board includes the following features:

  • Low power electronic with gate drivers for three-phase motors up to 24V 8A
  • Current measurement of all three phases and the power supply with hall sensors
  • Voltage measurement of all three phases and the power supply
  • Onboard overcurrent- and overvoltage-detection with LED and DTTI signal to connected StarterKit
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Extern attachable brake resistor control for motor brake
  • 34 pin MC connector with all for motor control important signals
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE conform

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