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PSoC® Breadboard Patch Kit CY8CKIT-018 | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® Breadboard Patch Kit CY8CKIT-018

Last Updated: 
Nov 16, 2020

Attention all users of PSoC®3/ PSoC®5 development kits!

Do you use a PSoC®3 CY8CKIT-030 or a PSo®C5 CY8CKIT-050? Do you want to make your kit more useful? Order a breadboard patch kit, free of cost!

The CY8CKIT-018 PSoC® breadboard patch kit is for existing users of the PSoC® CY8CKIT – 030 and CY8CKIT – 050 kits. Watch the video below completely and follow the simple instructions on how to use this patch kit. Make your PSoC® kit easier and more fun to use.

Simple instructions on how to get your breadboard patchkit delivered:


  • Click on the Add to Cart button you see on the top of this page.
  • Fill-in the quantity of patchkits you need, based on the number of PSoC®3/ PSoC®5 development kits you own. Click on Check-out.
  • Fill-in your details and address. Click on ship to this address.
  • In the next page, below the Billing details, look for a textbox asking for a Promo-code. Enter your Board ID number in this box. How to find your Board ID number
  • Click on Place your order.
  • You will receive an e-mail on whether your Promo-code is approved or not.
  • If your Promo-code is approved, you will receive your patchkit within 7 days.



PSoC Breadboard Patch Kit (CY8CKIT-018)



Kit Contents



  • One breadboard (17 x 5 x 2)
  • Two 4-pin connectors
  • Four 8-pin connectors