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PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-063-BLE) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-063-BLE)

Last Updated: 
Jun 11, 2020

The PSoC® 6 BLE Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-063-BLE) is a low-cost hardware platform that enables design and debug of PSoC 6 MCUs. This kit is designed with a snap-away form-factor, allowing users to separate the KitProg (on-board programmer and debugger) from the target board and use independently.

CY8CPROTO-063-BLE PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping kit

Featuring the CYBLE-416045-02 EZ-BLE™ Creator Module

The Cypress CYBLE-416045-02 is a fully certified and qualified module supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication. The CYBLE-416045-02 is a turnkey solution and includes onboard crystal oscillators, trace antenna, passive components, and the Cypress PSoC 63 MCU line.

The EZ-BLE Creator module is a scalable and reconfigurable platform architecture. It combines programmable and reconfigurable analog and digital blocks with flexible automatic routing. The CYBLE-416045-02 also includes digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), low-power comparators, and standard communication and timing peripherals.

The CYBLE-416045-02 includes a royalty-free BLE stack compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and provides up to 36 GPIOs in a 14 × 18.5 × 2.00 mm package. The CYBLE-416045-02 is a complete solution and an ideal fit for applications seeking a high performance BLE wireless solution.

Flexible Prototyping

The PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping Kit provides easy access to all the device I/Os in a breadboard-compatible format and includes an LED, a push button, and current measuring jumpers.

This kit also contains an on-board Programmer and Debugger, designed using PSoC 5LP, that can support industry standard programming interface like CMSIS-DAP and Drag-and-Drop programing.

Supported Software

The PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping Kit can be evaluated using the PSoC Creator IDE. Support in ModusToolbox will be coming in the next few months.

Software Title Description Link
PSoC® Creator™ PSoC Creator is an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) which allows concurrent hardware and application firmware design of PSoC 3, PSoC 4, PSoC 5LP, and PSoC 6 MCUs. Learn More Button
PSoC Programmer PSoC Programmer is a flexible, integrated programming application for programming PSoC devices. Learn More Button
CySmart™ CySmart is a Bluetooth LE host emulation tool for Windows PCs. Learn More Button
CySmart - Mobile App CySmart is a Bluetooth Low Energy utility developed by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Learn More Button
Kit Contents
  • PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping baseboard
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide