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MB2147 series for F2MC-16LX Family | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2147 series for F2MC-16LX Family

Last Updated: 
Nov 16, 2020

MB2147 series

System Overview

System configuration


  • Supports a maximum microcontroller operating frequency of 33 MHz
  • Supports microcontroller operating voltages of +2.7 V to +5.5 V (The upper and lower limits on the microcontroller operating voltage and operating frequency vary between each of the devices. For the operating voltage and operating frequency of each MCU, see the documentation related to that device (data sheet, hardware manual, etc.))
  • Emulator memory (1 M x 4 areas)
  • Capable of source-level debugging (assembler, C, mixed display)
  • Simple GUI operation using pull-down menu buttons
  • On-the-fly function (execute commands during microcontroller execution)
  • Powerful real-time trace function
  • Multiple window display, including source code, variables, registers, memory, trace, etc.
  • Event triggers that allow a wide variety of conditions to be specified(code x 8, data x 8)
  • Sequential control by sequencer (4 conditionals, 3 levels)
  • Performance measurement function (function to measure the execution time between 2 points, measure elapsed cycles)
  • C0 coverage measurement function (measures program execution coverage)
  • Host interface: Equipped standard with RS-232C (max. 115 kbps), LAN (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX), and USB 1.1

System Configuration

System configuration

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